Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nanowrimo? Huh?

Don't ask me what my word count is for my Nano-book. It amazes me how one simple email can change the whole course of your week ... or month. It happened to me on Sunday so I've been focused on another project which should (keep your fingers crossed for me) lead to good news soon! I've been writing like crazy but not on my nano-book and guess what? I'm fine with this!

I also have been crazy busy with my upcoming release of Confessions! I'm giving a copy away over on my facebook page today so stop on by and maybe it'll be you. A blog tour has been set up which is always fun. I meet so many new and interesting people while doing them. My critique partner (Buffy Christopher) and I are doing another workshop Saturday so we're preparing for that and wow... life is just overwhelming right now but I keep going one word at a time!

Have you gotten your copy of Jesse's Brother yet? It's gotten great reviews so maybe you should. You can find it here...

Happy reading... and talk to you soon!

Wendy Ely


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