Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I'm generally one of those girls that will be sitting around and decide at the spur of the moment to go see a movie, visit the mall, or whatever. Big changes rattle me though and we (kids and I) just had a HUGE lifestyle change.

We did live in a cute three bedroom house on a nice family filled street. We had lived there for almost two years and LOVED it. We had a big back yard the kids didn't play in and I had to mow. We lived right by middle school and elementary school. I even had my own laundry room!

All of the above came with a huge expense and lot of upkeep for me. I was so stressed out and needed to relieve some of that so I could sleep at night again and be happy. I decided we needed to move into an apartment.

Now we are in a two bedroom place. I have to haul the laundry to the laundry room and must listen to neighbor kids play outside my door all the time. Every time someone knocks on my neighbor's door, I think I have a visitor. But we have a pool, no yard for me to maintain, and we are on ground level! There's also lots of eye candy!

I know moving was the right decision but it still had me a bit scared at first. The first night here I went to close the bathroom curtains and found a giant tarantula on my bathroom window! I was sure it was a sign that we shouldn't have given up our house but I got over it.

We might have given up our peaceful house for a smaller place and neighbors but the important stuff is back. A happy life and a week later, I have no regrets and neither do my children!

What conveniences make you happy in your daily life?

Talk to you soon,
Wendy Ely


Gracen Miller said...

Good luck, Wendy! I'm sure you made the right choice and breathing easier is always awesome!

Gracen Miller said...
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