Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gay Anthology

There was a reminder email from the editor on their forum the other day…well, about 2 days ago to be exact, asking where the submissions were for their upcoming gay anthology. Yes, I had put my name down as one of the participants for the anthology. No, I didn’t miss the deadline, I had a completed story, I just totally forgot about when I was supposed to submit it *blushes*

Lucky my beta reader is an understanding fellow, because last night he was bombarded with my stuff. Thankfully my story was pretty much polished and ready to go. *phew* A few minor tweaks here and there and just then I clicked on the send button. My story is now on its way. It’s a good feeling, that’s for sure.

The story I submitted is titled ‘The Phoenix Rises’ it’s a fantasy short story about a young man that encounters a phoenix while hiking in the forest (as he has done all his life). The phoenix turns into a beautiful man, and of course, the young man falls for him. Events turn when a hunter shoots and kills the phoenix, leaving the young man devastated. We all know the phoenix can rise from the ashes, however, what the young man sees return from the dead is not what he expected. Not at all. Will he be able to love the phoenix in the same way again...


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