Saturday, July 11, 2009

Karate Tournament

Today my boys are competing at a National karate tournament, so we've been in karate mode for several weeks. My boys have been karate practicing fools. The living room furniture has been shoved against the walls for the most part of the month. This happens 3 times a year where my living room turns into a dojo. Both are black belts in karate, the oldest a 3rd degree, my youngest a 1st degree and both are 2008 World Champions. So, they’re goal is to become World Champions again for 2009. LOL At least they have high aspirations and they work hard for it! I’m always a weensy bit nervous because I hate to see them not achieve their dreams or goals, but I also realistically know they cannot always be winners. :-/

An update on my book I mentioned that had been accepted. The contract has been signed and mailed back to the publisher. It also has been renamed from Bloodlines to Elfin Blood. Now, the edits will begin. *bites nails nervously*

I hope everyone has a very naughty weekend! ;-)


Margay said...

Amazing! Wishing your sons well in the tournament. And congratulations on the book!

Tierney O'Malley said...

Wow, you have awesome bodyguards. My kids are girls. Not so tough without their tennis rackets. Last week was their first matches. So nerve wracking. They won in doubles and didn't play in singles. Summer...for some it is vacation time. Not for us. I hardly have any time to sit and write.
Congrats on the book, girl.
To all, I wish you a happy summer.

Mark Alders said...

Good luck to your sons! Although I am probably too late...I don't get much time online.

Hopefully your book sells squillions :-)



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