Monday, July 6, 2009

How was your holiday?

I had a pretty good weekend, for a change :D. I actually got some shopping in, which can be both a good and bad thing. At any rate, I had a good time, and I realized that I had a very non-traditional holiday. 

Holiday's were also very important in my family. I can remember as  a child, the 4th of July was as fun as Christmas for us kids. It was an all day event. Family came from far and near to my grandma's house and we played games, had a humongous barbeque, made homemade ice cream, and most important of all...watched the fireworks. That's what was important to me at the time. Now that I look back, I know it was the memories that we made that that will live with me forever. 

We haven't had a holiday like that in years. Times have certainly changed. This year was especially different. There was no holiday gathering at all. My grandma has been gone for many years, my mom had to work, and I went shopping. 

As I said, I had fun, but it didn't feel like a holiday. The only fireworks I saw this year were the one's lighting up the sky as I drove home. To me, it felt like an ordinary weekend. That made me a little sad. 

I've been seeing all the pictures my friends have put up displaying their 4th of July fun, and I realized it's been a long time since I've had any real fun like that. There were pictures of barbeques, swimming pools, float trips, camping, all kinds of good times. I haven't done anything really fun like that in years. So, I've made a pact with myself. I'm going to have fun before this summer is over. I'm making a list of all the things I enjoy doing, and I'm going to check off as many as I can. 

Camping sounds great, haven't done that in probably 5 years or so. I don't do floating, but I'd go to the river and enjoy a fun day in the sun. A big family barbeque might be nice, if I can gather everyone up from their busy lives. All going on my list.

So, wanna help me add to my list? Tell me all about your family fun times. I'm taking notes!

Hope you all had a great holiday (for those of you in the US) or at least a great weekend!


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