Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Story and A Plea


Here’s a flash fiction story I did a while ago and instead of sitting on my hard drive gathering pixels I thought I’d post it here for others to enjoy.

Connecting Bodies

I simply must feel the connection.

As I am placed upon the beast with tender care, that familiar feeling begins. It wells up inside me as if a waking memory, for I know what will come next and it gives me great pleasure.

Then the journey begins and it is wonderful. So liberating, so rewarding.

The warmth of their bodies upon me, so reassuring, so reaffirming that it gives me purpose. I need to be given a reason, a function. To have this is my soul.

The scent of them both as they travel with me is exhilarating. Their joy is my joy. Call it symbiotic, call it whatever. I am happy.

The man and the beast are my friends, for they need me as much as I need them. That is the way it is. That is the way it has always been. For that I am thankful.

The elation I feel as I travel with them both, to go to new places or to tread a well worn path. It doesn’t matter. To be used is the salt of my existence. The kindling to my fire. The breath of my life.

I am the glue that binds them together so they can achieve their goal, fulfil their purpose, just as it is mine to have them.

The pressure of the man from above and the beast beneath gives me great joy. It opens up the possibilities of adventure instead of being confined to the dusty darkness.

Then we are away.

The rise and fall of the man upon me once we get going is like a heartbeat pounding out the rhythm of my life. The heat of the beast the warmth that satiates my spirit.

It is a simple but important thing, being the saddle.

The End

Copyright Mark Alders 2008/2009


In my post last week I asked for people to comment to win a copy of my latest release "Mama's Heart." Well, only Wendy and Alisha (co-authors on this blog) commented. Gee, what a great success that was--not! I can't give-a-way copies to those who are part of this blog...that's not what it's here's the second attempt at me trying to give away my s**t...I mean, stuff for free.

Comment and you could win a copy of Mama's Heart. OKAY?


Phoenix said...

Alright... Comment?

Alisha Paige said...

First of all, I was intrigued by Connecting Bodies.

Secondly, your stuff is not s**t!!! Don't make me fly to down under and slap you around. Do people still say down under? Anyhow, don't make me do it, cause I will...I'll slap you with a giant box of Godiva chocolates and then make you watch ME eat them all.

Mark Alders said...

Awww thanks, Alisha! I was a bit depressed yesterday...well, actually I was full of self doubt about my abilities as a writer, something all of us writers go through I'm sure.



Mark Alders said...

Phoenix...thanks for that ever so short comment...

Tierney said...

Really Mark. I wanted to scream when I saw your post. Instead, I closed the window. Tsk. tsk. Don't ever think of your work as s**t, mate. You've accomplished something others are still trying to accomplish. Your chocolate stash must be low. LOL


Mark Alders said...

I know, Tierney! I know! Sorry, minor diversion from the cause there! Hard week and all.

Programing returning to normal from next week.

And yes, I refreshed my chocolate stash...



Gracen Miller said...

Aww...*huggles Mark*...we all go through self-doubt, but you're published so it can't be s**t. I agree with Alisha and Tierney in this. As writer's we're much too hard on ourselves. *gives you another hug*

I love the way you think, Alisha. Such torture! Remind me to never piss you off. lol

Alisha Paige said...

Snicker...I'm soooo harmless..actually, I'd give the box to Mark and we'd probably both have a chocolate overload. I'm all talk. But yeah, we all go through this...I pulled my first YA from publication because I decided it just sucks. The edits were done and everything. Sometimes we writers are mental aren't least I know I am.

Mark Alders said...

Thanks Gracen and thanks again, Alisha! I'm okay now. refreshed my chocolate stash :-)

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