Thursday, July 30, 2009

Slim Chance

Seeing as I am submitting my fantasy novels to Australian publishers at the moment, I came across this:

The Weekend Australian ( July 15-16 2006) submitted Patrick White’s Eye of the Storm, one of Australian literature’s most lauded novels to 10 Australian publishers, and not one of them expressed interest. If Patrick White cannot get published, you have to ask yourself what chance you really have!


Seems I have no chance at all. From the response I’ve had to the queries I have put out, seems Australian publishers aren’t interested in my work either…then again…at least I got a response from one of the publishers I queried.

So my latest release Mama's


Alisha Paige said...

Mark~ So much of it is timing in the marketplace and I think right now it is slim pickins because of the recession. On the other hand, I once heard that Stephen King did a similar experiment and sent some of his work under a different name out to some big NY publishers. Not one of them wanted his books. So much of it I think is getting your name out there and that takes years for us to do but we're slowly doing it. I know it's hard to keep your chin up. I almost died when I got my first royalty check. It was so small that it would cost me more gas money than it was worth to drive to the bank to deposit it. No joke either. It's a long, slow process for writers but hold your head up high! Your writing is wonderful! I'm so lucky to do this blog was such great authors.

Tierney said...


When you sub your work, there is always a chance of it getting published. Perhaps slim, but the fact is you have a chance.

I am also new to this business. Right now I am not even paying attention to the number of books I sold. All I am focusing on is building readership. It is hard, but we have to do it through promo, chat, etc.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, guys!

I write because I love it first and foremost. Getting published is secondary. I was just pointing out how silly the publishing world is :-) Hey, if I get published then for me it's a bonus :-)

Sending subliminal

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Mark (who got logged out for some reason)

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