Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Close to the Heart

I'm curious to know how many writers out there have that one special novel or even a short story that means more to you than all the others. For me, that extra special book was written in a genre I rarely write. I market myself as a paranormal author but no matter how many werewolf or vampire tales I spin, I continuously receive more fan mail about this book.

The Wooden Nickel is a vintage romance set during WWII and The Great Depression and is loosely based on my grandparents. I've had readers approach me at book signings with a bummed look on their faces because I'm only signing copies of a current paranormal release. So, I've decided to sign The Wooden Nickel at the 4th Annual Buns and Roses Tea for Literacy on October 11th.

It's a fun event where authors have the wonderful opportunity to have tea with readers. I promised some of the readers last year that next year I would sign The Wooden Nickel so I can't disappoint.

Another reason I think this book is more popular is because of its wide appeal. It's appropriate for young and old alike. Perhaps the biggest appeal though is the message, ever lasting love.

I visited my mother the other day and she told me she just finished reading it for the third time and cried all over again. My grandmother volunteers at the hospital and convinced the gift shop owner to purchase my book and sell copies. She said the owner loves to tell shoppers that the author is a granddaughter of one of their volunteers.

My grandma rocks! She's a marketing genius. She really knows how to spread the word. She started talking up a product sold in my uncle's pharmacy. He sells those emergency necklaces to call 911 for the elderly and disabled to wear. She wears one and told all her friends about it. My uncle called her and said, "What did you do? I'm selling out of these things and the customers all say you sent them."

So, I'll just sit back and wait for Grandma to run into a movie producer. In the meantime, I'll dream about my favorite actors playing the characters I created. Do you have a favorite book you've written and dream of seeing it on the big screen one day? I'd love to hear about it.

Here's the book video for The Wooden Nickel. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Tuesday,


Wendy_Ely said...


Great post today! I loved it. Did you make your book trailer?


Alisha Paige said...

Thanks, Wendy. Phoenix Video made this trailer and the trailer for Canyon Wolf Bride. However, I learned how to make them myself so I made the trailers for A Love Beyond Time and Nocturnally Vexed.

Mark Alders said...

I have read this story and did indeed find the words held special meaning. The story did hold something special. I could feel it when I read it.

A keeper for sure :-)

Great post, mate.



MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott/Kate Davison said...

Isn't that odd how there will be one book you write that stands out in your heart above all others. It is truly like picking your favorite child. I think the ones I liked the most are the ones that seemed to write themselves. They were a bit more inspired that way.

Great post.


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