Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Ultimate Hero: Patrick Swayze

Yesterday, my heart broke. God must need dancers in heaven. He was one of the most talented, sexiest alpha men to ever grace us with his presence. He is an excellent example of the ultimate hero we authors strive to create in our books. He was so very in love with his wife. The two of them dancing is so beautiful.

Thank you for your gift to the world, Mr. Swayze. The world is a darker place without your light.


MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott/Kate Davison said...

OMG!!! Who could ever forget him as Orie Maine in the North and South saga. Major heart throb. Especially when he says to Madeline after she marries another. "I looked forward to the time I'd come home and make you my bride." - Swoon!!!

I just keep thinking of his poor wife, Lisa. Oh, how devestated she must be. They've been married for what, 30 years or something like that?

Thanks so much for sharing these pics, Alisha.


Mark Alders said...

Wonderful tribute, Alisha!

Patrick will be missed. Ghost was my fav. He was a true gentleman, too.



Gracen Miller said...

What a sweet tribute, Alisha! He will be sorely missed. My heart goes out to Lisa too. I don't want to think about her heartbreak right now.

Alisha Paige said...

Sniff....I know...poor Lisa. She's in my thoughts and prayers.

Sierra Wolfe said...

It broke my heart to hear that he lost his battle with the cancer. I can't even imagine what his wife is going through. It's so sad.

Carrie said...

I meant to comment the first time I saw this, but I got inspired to write my own little tribute for the local university online magazine.

Yes, he will be missed by so many. It always hurts more when they are as sexy charismatic and real as he is. I think that's why I managed to always like him because he was always down to earth and honest about himself and his life.

Yes, I watched so many of his movies and I loved him as Orry Main!

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