Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Presenting Dellani Oakes- guest blogger

Character Questionnaire
Manuel Enriques

Dellani Oakes: What is your story?
Manuel: My story is still being written, but a portion of it is chronicled in "Indian Summer" by Dellani Oakes.
DO: Who are you?
M: My name is Manuel Enriques and I am confidential aid to Governor Ferdinand Deza.
DO: Where do you live?
M: I live in the beautiful town of St. Augustine in the Florida territory.
DO: Are you the hero of your own story?
M: What is a hero? A man who does what he must to protect that which he holds dear. I am such a man. If that makes me a hero, then I accept this role gladly.
DO: What is your problem in the story?
M: The problem is that there is a pesky British spy wandering around causing trouble. The beast is wily and sly, but I'll catch him, have no doubt.
DO: Do you embrace conflict?
M: Conflict is in many forms. If it is in the form of a beautiful woman, I embrace and make love to it. If it is in the form of this annoying little fly speck of a spy, then I spit on it and grind it to dust beneath my heel.
DO: Do you run from conflict?
M: Never! Face conflict proudly and fight it to the death.
DO: How do you see yourself?
M: In my life, I have done many bad things. However, I am trying to change to be worthy of my darling Gabriella.
DO: How do your friends see you?
M: I haven't many friends, but those are very close. They see me as strong, intelligent, passionate with women, stubborn and capable.
DO: How do your enemies see you?
M: My enemies never see me. They are dead long before that. If by chance they do catch a glimpse, it is as of the face of death.
DO: What are your achievements?
M: That is perhaps not a question I should answer here, eh?
DO: Do you keep your achievements to yourself?
M: Many of them, yes.
DO: But why? Surely your accomplishments are wide ranging and very nearly stuff oflegend.
M: Not all legends have a happy ending. Some things are better left unsaid.
DO: What makes you happy?
M: Would you like to me say something poetic like a beautiful sunset or the seagulls above the water? I am not poetic man. What makes me happy is very simple, my love for Gabriella. It drives me, moves me to be the best I may be.
DO: What, if anything, haunts you?
M: In a soldier's life, are there not many things to haunt him? What haunts me, cariƱa, is better left forgotten.
DO: Do you have any distinguishing marks?
M: Oh, yes. I am very well appointed.
DO: You would love for me to ask what that means, wouldn't you?
M: No, I would like you to read the book and find out.
DO: Have you ever killed anyone?
M: I was a soldier, of course I have killed. And nearly been killed more than once.
DO: What is your most prized possession? Why?
M: My most prized possession? Must I have just one? Perhaps my pistol. Or my best pair of boots? No, not really, although I am rather fond of these pants.
DO: Oh? Why is that? (All I get is a sly grin and a slow, wicked wink.)

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Margay said...

Hi, Dellani! It's always good to read and learn more about you and the intriguing Manuel. Thanks for sharing him with us.

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