Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day to all of our Wicked Friends!

Ah, it's that time of year. Summer is almost over, and we're heading into fall. Labor Day has always been the holiday that marks that change. It's the day for barbeque's (possibly the last one of the season) and the MDA telethon on TV.  Good times with family and friends. It's a day to just be lazy. Why not? It is after all a celebration of all the hard work that we do throughout the rest of the year. So, today we want you to...

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We have a small carnival every Labor Day weekend at a local town. I haven't been to it in years, but I always think of it and plan to go. It just never seems to happen. I can remember going to it when I was in grade school. We had so much fun. Of course, now that I'm an adult, it's not exactly the same. But, it does make me think of how things used to be.

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I'd have to say, that my biggest memory of Labor Day weekend though, is sitting in front of the television and watching the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon. I did it every year. It seems like it used to be on for longer. Maybe it just seemed longer because I was a kid. Does anyone else remember? At any rate, it was probably the largest portion of the weekend. It's hard to believe that it's been going on for so long. It's amazing to me how much money Jerry has raised for the MDA. I'm in awe. What an amazing thing to do.

MDA Telethon

It's always been my dream to create a charity of some sort. To know that I'm able to give something to others and, hopefully, to make their lives better. There couldn't be a greater feeling in the world. I can just imagine how wonderful it must feel.

So, I have no big plans for the holiday this year. I'm sitting at  home doing nothing. 

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So, what are you doing today? Any big plans? I'd love to hear what your holiday traditions include.

In the meantime...

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Alisha Paige said...

No plans to do anything other than the original Dracula, eat chocolate ice cream and cuddle with my babies all day!

Happy Labor Day, Everyone!

Gracen Miller said...

Like, Alisha, I have no plans other than to take my youngest son to football practice. I'm still in shock and amazement that we're still having practice on a holiday!!! Grrr @ the coach. He's 8, so we're obviously NOT playing college or pro football! These coaches and parents are CrAzY!! So what does that make me? Crazy right along with them for taking him, right? lol

Happy Labor Day!!

Sierra Wolfe said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one with no plans.

Gracen, honey. I'm afraid I will have to agree with you. You are crazy. No way would I be taking my kid to practice on a holiday. They'd just have to do without. LOL. Have fun!

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Gracen Miller said...

lol I did initially say there was no way I was taking him to practice on a holiday. But then his face fell with disappointment, so what's a mother to do? I don't want to disappoint him and since we have nothing going on anyway...yeah, well, I'm STILL crazy in my opinion. It's kind of like feeding the beast. You know you shouldn't, but you do it anyway. This coach will think he owns us after today. :-/

*huggles ya* Even so, I'm STILL cRaZy! ;-)

Sierra Wolfe said...

LOL. Well, when they give you that face, you don't have much choice. I'd have done the same thing, but probably cursed under my breath the whole time. Hehe. (Or maybe not under my breath)

I'm just messing with you. You're not crazy. At least, no more so than I am. Hugs ya back!

constant gina said...

damn..I remember seeing the TV DVD collection advertise plenty of times.

Mark Alders said...

Not labor day here :-( But hopefully my American friends had a great weekend



Sierra Wolfe said...

I thought of you Mark! You'll have to post some of your national holidays on here for us!

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