Saturday, September 12, 2009

Seven Deadly Sins!

The seven deadly sins are generally known as: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride. But my idea of the seven deadly sins consists of smexy-sexy celebrities.

So, here are my seven deadly sins:

Deadly Sin #7

Angelina Jolie – yes, I’m a straight woman, but I’d probably go gay for her. Many of you might be thinking “what the hell!” right about now, but I find her profanely sexy!

Deadly Sin #6

Charlize Theron – yes, another chick, but again, I think she's profanely sexy as well and this straight girl would swap sides of the fences for her too.

Deadly Sin #5

Jared Padalecki – he's a goofball, so that makes him even sexier. I couldn't decide which picture to post, so you got both of them.

Deadly Sin #4

Johnny Depp – in any version the many is smexy-sexy hot!

Deadly Sin #3

Jon Bon Jovi – #2 and #3 could easily be flip-flopped.

Drop that blanekt, Jon!!!! PLEASE!!!

Deadly Sin #2

Hugh Jackman – I prefer his long hair, but I even like the Wolverine look.

And finally my number one Deadly Sin....*drum rolll...*

Deadly Sin #1

Jensen Ackles! For those that know me, this is not much of a surprise. But I think he is the hottest thing since, well, ever! The many faces of this man playing Dean Winchester on the CW's television show, Supernatural, are freaking sexy! Every emotion is sexy, smiling, frowing, laughing, crying, in pain...I love them all! And I like him scruffy too...please raptly adore with your eyes, but do not touch! I'm certain God's going to gift him to me anytime now! ;-)

So, who are your seven deadly sins? Hope you have an awesome weekend.


Tierney O'Malley said...

First of all, I would like to apologize for missing my Friday blog. Been painting the house like crazy and didnt' get a chance to finish my dragt.

Anyway, for my deadly sins. Here is my list.

Daniel Craig--Love his eyes and the best Agent 007.
Christian Bale--Bad boy. So what. :- )
Clive Owen- Rugged looks, yum!
Matt Damon- Just sexy. Oh so sexy.
And my husband. He's no actor. But the best in everything. Sorry. I'm not sharing the details.

Mark Alders said...

Ooh, Gracen, you sinner you!

And I have to agree. Angelina Jolie is damn sexy :-)

Sierra Wolfe said...

LOL! Great post Gracen! I absolutely loved your list, and you did a fine job of picking them! As soon as I started reading, I knew who was going to hit that number one position. :D

I'm not sure who all would go on my list. There are just too many to choose from, but here are a few I love. I'll just add to your list, because I would have to include some, if not all, of them as well.

Josh Lucas. OMG I LOVE his eyes. *Sigh*

Matthew McConaughey. Gorgeous.

Nicolas Cage. Hell of an actor and cute as hell, too.

Brad Paisley. Cute, funny, and sweet guy.

Ever since the Thorn Birds, I've had a thing for Richard Chamberlain.

Gracen Miller said...

Ooo...Tierney, nice list! I love Daniel Craig too and completely agree that he's the best 007 EVER! Christian Bale...loved that man since Equilibrium! And I'll take your word for it on your husband. I think my husband's pretty special too, he just didn't fit with the celebrity theme. lol My boys think he's a celebrity and the dog goes beserk when he comes home, but, yeah, not a "real" celebrity. ;-)

lol @ Mark. Angelina is damn sexy indeed! Finally, a man that agrees with me. Can't figure out why my husband doesn't agree or any of the other men I know. I've decided they're all blind! It's the only logical conclusion.

*laughs @ Sierra* I figured you'd guess my number one deadly sin. I could eat that man up! I agree as well with Matthew McConaughey and Josh Lucas. Josh has really nice "bedroom eyes". *laughs*

Thanks for the comments you guys!

Tierney O'Malley said...

Hahaha! Funny, our dog goes nuts too when husband comes home. Cinnamon is a bitch so maybe that's why. :) Oh, and I only let her lick my husband because she's a dog.

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