Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So it's been a week and a half since Jesse's Brother has been released. I've done interviews, guest blogs, and chats so far. These were all fun things to do in the name of promotion. What I was scared of were the reviews! Right before the release date, I sent out Jesse's Brother to be reviewed by Pheobe Jordan. I checked her review blog every day to see if the review had been posted. It was finally with a rating of 4 out of 5 open books. It made my whole day... okay, week.

Pheobe said, "I very much look forward to reading any of Wendy's future novels because like I said she has me hooked."

Anyway, I'm so proud even though I've prepared myself for a not-so-good reviews. Hopefully I won't get any huh? One thing I'm wondering about is how many people buy books based on reviews. Does a review influence your book buying choice?

If you have a few minutes, take a peek last night's project! Talk to you soon... Wendy Ely


Phoebe Jordan said...

I absolutely love your book trailer. It is very good and tells us a bit of the novel without giving to much away as well as peaks our interest in the process. Loved reading Jesse's Brother and like you quoted from my review I am hooked and want more of your novels.

Wendy_Ely said...

Thanks, Phoebe. I recieved Confessions already but am going to wait until right before the release date :) You're first on my list though. I plan on making the trailer for Confessions tonight.

Mark Alders said...

Awesome video! I need to do some for my books :-)

You inspired me, mate!



Wendy_Ely said...

Thanks, Mark! It wasn't all that hard to do!


Gracen Miller said...

Great trailer, Wendy! Congrats on the release and the review!

Sometimes I'll buy a book based off of reviews, but sometimes a negative review can make me buy a book too. Just kind of depends on what the reviewer says. *shrugs* I'm an odd bird though, so doubt I'm the norm.

Congrats again! *huggles*

MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott/Kate Davison said...

Congrats, on the great review! I wish you many splended sales.


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