Saturday, September 5, 2009

Peek into Elfin Blood

My apologies for not being here last Saturday, but I was having a bit of trouble with my internet. Crosses fingers that it is permanently fixed now.

I thought I'd give you just a taste of my newly contracted book, Elfin Blood. It's an unedited excerpt. Please tell me what you think!


© Gracen Miller

Julija was supposed to be mapping out her strategy. That was the order the high and mighty Alberic had given her. As far as she was concerned, the stuff shirt could just stuff it! Snotty orders from him were not on her high priority list today. Especially not after he had blamed her for Landau’s shortcomings at Ravens the other night.


She’d show him. She snorted. Yeah, but disobeying this way was kind of lame considering what he wanted her to do. It wasn’t like she had a choice anyway.

She flipped through the magazine, Lipstick and Highheels. The jewelry was gaudy, the clothes outlandish and distasteful, the heels so high she’d grow four to six inches wearing them and the lipstick so bright it had her contemplating naughty places to put her kissy imprint. She loved everything in the magazine. Wanted to own and wear everything in there.

The petty things humans were caught up in intrigued her. Had her wanting the mundane that humanity had to offer. None of them took orders from a highbrow immortal like she did.

With a nail, she scratched at the fragrance of the month in the magazine. While she was sniffing it, the jingle of the door lifted her gaze. Just that quickly her focus went from smell to sight as the Prince of Veil—none other than Landau Jamieson himself—entered the coffee shop.

Oh, shit!

His gaze sought her out like an infrared gun laser. A cocky grin tilted the corner of his freaking sexy mouth and then he headed straight for her, all swagger and overconfidence.

“Mind if I join you?”

“Yes,” she said mutinously, daring him with her frosty expression.

He didn’t take the hint. When he reached for the chair, she kicked at the legs sending it crashing to the floor. A woman patron squealed. Others jerked about to stare.

“Find another seat,” she forewarned, her gaze promising retribution if he so much as tried to join her.

Landau chuckled. The vampire freak actually laughed at her. “Tsk. Tsk,” he mocked, the corners of his eyes crinkling with laughter. “You’re causing another scene.”


So, tell me what you think? Good, bad, or indifferent.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! I'll spend Saturday at the football field with my boys.


Sierra Wolfe said...

Good, as always, Gracen.

Congrats on the contract! YAY!!!!

Gracen Miller said...

Thanks, Sierra! :D You are one of my most devoted supporters!

Sierra Wolfe said...

And always will be!

Alisha Paige said...

Great excerpt!!!


Gracen Miller said...

lol @ Sierra. *mega hugs ya*

Thanks, Alisha!

Mark Alders said...

Wow! Looks good to me, mate.



Tierney O'Malley said...

Nice, Gracen. Your title is so intriguing, too.

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